Whats The Cheapest DirecTV Package - Get A Discount in [year] (2023)

So Whats The Cheapest DirecTV Package you may be asking, then keep reading to find out which is the cheapest DirecTV plans for your family.

If you are in search of the cheapest DirecTV packages then you could be in for a generous discount for 2023, so stick around to find out how.

In recent times, there has been a major move to Digital TV.

The majority of people are deciding on upgrading their subscription service. For those that enjoy spending their free time watching TV, I’m sure you’ve probably heard about DirecTV satellite services.

DirecTV is a digital satellite TV provider. It’s owned by AT&T and has about 26 million subscribers. They offer numerous TV packages depending on your needs.

They’re among the most widely known providers of cable TV offering service stations to many TV subscribers. They’re best known for providing different low-cost plans at reasonable prices.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best and cheapest DirecTV packages and plans in case you’re not fully aware of all their full line up of services.

We’ll tell you what you’re getting in each package you’re willing to decide on and their various cost. This will be of assistance in making an informed buying decision.

The packages vary greatly in both price and content. There won’t be any hard sell, no pressure, just the bare facts of what you’re likely to get for your hard-earned money. Also, we’ll try to answer some common questions for those ready to leap.

So, let’s take a more in-depth look at the cheapest packages on the DirecTV network.

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How to Find The Cheapest DirecTV Plans And Packages

One of the ways subscribers can utilize the best of DirecTV is through the company’s numerous packages. DirecTV packages allow potential subscribers to select spot-on features and services based on their unique needs.

To further clarify this, those packages are different from what falls under bundles. Bundles are when you select from a wide range of services offered by AT&T, such as phone, Internet, and TV viewing.

DirecTV plans are tailored towards TV only. Here, programming and channels are chosen in line with the years of successful DirecTV business and topmost awards earned directly from consumers.

Currently, there are four cheap DirecTV packages:

  • DirecTV Choice
  • DirecTV Select
  • DirecTV Family
  • DirecTV Now

Three among the above listed are exclusive packages that can be found on their Satellite TV service. Then the fourth one, DirecTV NOW, is specific for their streaming service (Netflix style).


This is the plan that is paired with free NFL Sunday Ticket. The package enables you to access 185+ channels, which is perfect for a household seeking entertainment and sports.

This has a lineup of diverse channels, which is also affordable.

What channels come with my DIRECTV Choice package?

You’ll have access to the majority of the admired networks in this package and much more, unlike your local broadcast channels.

This alone pegs it at the forefront for football enthusiasts who are bent on following their beloved teams throughout the season. The cost is $69/month.

Here are some channels you’ll find with your DirecTV Choice lineup.

You’ll get ESPNews, Tennis Channel, MLB Network, MLB, SEC Network, and others not incorporated in the other package.

Even if you’re not a sports enthusiast, no need to worry yourself because there are other Entertainment channels, including Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), Travel Channel, TV One, Sundance TV, Fuse, and fun cooking stations.

These are more wide-ranging entertaining channels that will allow you to surf in your room a bit more time. Furthermore, even a large family unit with diverse likings in Television will possibly discover their preferred channel included in the package.

For instance, there are informative and family channels such as Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic, and History channel.

The choice bundle is a significant midway service plan, one which at no point will stress your wallet. Just the inclusion of the NFL Sunday Ticket gives value to the package price.

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It’s likewise suitable for households who might have a limited budget to spend on television subscriptions.


For those looking for the most exceptional starter package, then this is for you. Aside from that, it’s also a cheap way to quickly acquire the Genie whole-home DVR system, but you must know that subscribers are expected to hook up a minimum of 2 rooms to meet the free upgrade requirements.

Home GENIE HDDVR is vital because you’ll certainly not miss out on your favorite programmers or TV shows. Similarly, it gives recording access to up to five shows at once.

In a situation you forget to record, you can always restart a show that’s currently in progress. Better still, you can rewind and watch your favorite programs that were broadcast in the last 72 hours. You can use your mobile devices to watch this anywhere, anytime, through the App. The service package goes for $59/month.

We also want to bring to your notice of another nice perk, a 3-month free trial of premium movies (46 total channels of Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, and STARZ). But you need to cancel this before the expiration period elapses to avoid paying extra for the flicks.

Below are the entirety of things included in this plan;

  • Over 155 High definition (HD) channels
  • Free SHOWTIME, HBO, Cinemax, STARZ for complete three months without interruption
  • Free Genie DVR system + 3 Genie minis for extra TVs
  • Over 4,000 On Demand movies and shows included
  • Free Local Channels
  • Standard Professional Installation included

This package is ideal for people that have in mind to make the most of their savings. You can undoubtedly filter/ customize your favorite channels to avoid continually scanning the complete guide.

The major disadvantage of this package is the absence of some full-time sports channels such as ESPNews, ESPN, ESPN2, and others. If you can’t stay without watching sports, then DirecTV Choice Plan is a must for you.

Both of these conveys sufficient coverage, especially if you don’t watch a lot of TVs. Furthermore, the select package is also suitable for people on the go.


This is not referred to as an official package by DirecTV. It’s more like a “ghost plan” that is not listed publicly, but it does exist.

In case you want this activated, you must first sign up for a current plan, then get in touch with DirecTV for a change. The package costs $30/month.


DirecTV NOW is unique from the pack with its great assorted channel. It allows subscribers to watch live network TV. For $35/month, you get to watch top channels.

This package lets you watch, record, and view your favorite shows directly from your mobile devices, and this plan gives you access to that technology.


DirecTV NOW makes use of an unsophisticated system. This means that the higher package comprises of, the lower packages in them.

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Putting this side by side is as simple as checking what is contained in the large packages and not in other packages. Let’s get this underway!


This is the right mix of entertainment and sports. Some key channels include; Animal Planet, ABC, AMC, Cartoon Network, BBC America, Bravo, Comedy Central, CBS*, CNN, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, ESPN, ESPN2, Food Network, Fox, Freeform, FX, HGTV Fox News, FS1, History, MSNBC, MTV, MTV2, National Geographic, NBC*, Nick Jr., Nickelodeon, SYFY, TBS, TLC, TNT, TruTV, TV Land, Univision, USA, VH1.


This comprises everything from the Live a Little package with more entertainment. Other stations include; BTN, Cooking Channel, ESPNEWS, ESPNU, MLB Network, SEC Network, Nicktoons, OWN, Weather Channel, various regional sports networks.


This package is merely an entertainment galore. It encompasses the whole thing from Just Right package with more channels like; NBA TV, Golf Channel, NHL Network, Oxygen.


This is specially for people who want to take entertainment to the max. The Channels are made up of everything from Go Big, including; Boomerang, Starz Encore family of channels.

Which of the above Packages Is More Suitable?

Live a Little – Here considering the price per channel; it’s less than 58 cents making it DirecTV Now, a sweet spot. In this package, the price per channel in this lowest package isn’t any worse than the contract you’ll get as you scale up. Also, there won’t be much to be missed if you stick to the basic plan.

The package comprises all the essentials, including major news networks, comedy, sports, movies, drama, and more.

Just Right Package – The price per channel is less than 62 cents. This package has an exceptional demand for more dedicated sports fans.

It offers next-level channels such as ESPN, as well as college and league and conference sports channels. Though it might look like the worst deal on a per-channel basis, the larger package it offers makes it worthwhile.

Go Big – At less than 62 cents. The price per channel here is a bit more when matched with the smallest package.

Also, when the cost of internet service is considered, combined, this package could slightly be more expensive. Despite that, enough league dedicated channels await sports enthusiasts.

Apart from that, this package is mainly put together on adding second and third networks in a given family. For example, National Geographic Channel can be seen in all packages, making it the level you need to step up to get Nat Geo WILD.

The required minimum Internet download speeds for streaming DirecTV NOW.

It’s crucial you know the essential internet speed you need to have to enjoy this DirecTV Now package. This will assist you in planning. In fact, on average, your internet speed must be up to 3 Mbps for standard definition content.

For those that plan on using more than one device simultaneously, you’ll want at least 5 Mbps.

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It’s always tough when choosing a television service provider, especially when you’re on a budget and just need a cheap package. DirecTV is a great satellite television as it gives users the ability to choose the type and amount of TV viewing they desire.

You can go to a wide range of products. DirecTV arrangement ensues; you can easily upgrade or downgrade to any suitable plans.

So if you’re at a crossroads thinking about how to decide between paying for a television subscription, you’re free to consider DirecTV’s SELECT plan.

What’s more, subscribers can continue to add to this package to include more channels they desire. What is essential to know about DirecTV packages is that they’re customizable to meet users’ needs.

Choose the extra packages and features depending on what is available to you, and you’re your preference.

Packages are overall helpful because they provide users ample access to different shows and help to reduce costs overall.

Frequently asked questions

Is there any family DIRECTV Packages?

Yes, there is. The package goes for $30 per month, including taxes though it’s a ghost plan because it’s not officially listed but can be activated on Demand. It comprises about 18 extra channels but cannot be categorized as the best preference for most families.

The reason for this is not farfetched. For an extra $5, you can subscribe to DirecTV Select, which comprises over 155 channels. That’s about 100 extra channels.

It’s still your choice to select the package you think is suitable for your family.

Is there DirecTV App for stream live Television with either your computer or mobile device?

No matter which package you’re on, with DirecTV App, you’ll be granted access to 100 plus live channels on a tablet, phone, or computer.

Furthermore, there are also other available titles but can only be gotten on Demand. With this DirecTV App, you don’t need to worry when you’re away from home.

What is the Cheapest DirecTV Plan with NFL Sunday Ticket?

The DirecTV Choice is the cheapest package that comes along with one full season of NFL Sunday Ticket. On the current promotional plan, it costs $60/month. Over time, from subscribers’ reports, they’re happily extending this after the plan’s expiration.

What’s the cost of the cheapest DirecTV package cost?

DirecTV cheapest package is the Select package, which goes for $35/month for the first 12 months (plus taxes). After that, the cost becomes $76/month for months 13-24 plus taxes, subject to change. So in all, the average cost is about $55.50/month for two years.


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